Audio Centron 1/3 Octave Equalizer 31 band Eq

Fully Adjustable Level and HPF

Model AC GE-131 


This unit is cosmetically very good and has an internal power supply.  A little age, but no broken buttons, and no noticeable scratches. Takes a standard power chord.. (will ship with a white one, cause thats all I have)

Has been racked and unused for several years.  When I took it out of the rack to test it, the indicator flashed on momentarily, then it didn't want to power up again.  Very likely just a fuse, but I'm not a tech, and I'm not intersted in trying to fix it.  Have lots of unused EQs as I am semi retired from band biz.   Will start the bidding at $4.99 and see what happens..  Good luck.  This could be a nice piece of USA Made gear.