DS2416 Digital Mixing Card with AX44 Expansion Interface. 

Allows 4 channels of analog signal to be recorded (another ax44 can plug in for 4 more, and another ds2416 with 2 more ax44s can be added for 16 channel simultaneous recording.

I won't bore you with details that you can get off yamaha's website.  Yes its old, but it was ahead of its time and still kicks butt.  I just haven't recorded in a year, and I'm tired of the thing hanging around collecting dust.  It worked flawlessly last time it was used, but like all my Ebay auctions, it is being sold ASIS.

Included:  DS2416 Mixing card/Interface

                AX44 Interface that includes 4 analog ins an outs and 2 mic preamps.

                Original box for 2416

                Ribbon cable that connects ax44 to 2416

NOT included

                driver disk (which is downloadable all over the net)

                support of any kind

                a warranty. (the interface card is 6 to 8 years old.  It is in cosmetically very good condition, but buy at your own risk)

Here are pics of the actual card and its components.  Starting the bidding low, and I have NO RESERVE.. Good luck

This is material off of yamaha's site.  I got it today (8-20-06) but its probably dated.  If you know what this is, you will buy it. If you don't then why are you looking at approximately 7 year old computer hardware?


Good luck and happy bidding!


DS2416 Digital Mixing Card:


At the heart of the DSP Factory is the breakthrough DS2416 Digital Mixing Card with powerful recording, mixing and sound processing engine built right in.
The DS2416's mixer provides the power of the industry standard Yamaha 02R digital mixer - and much, much more - on a desktop platform. This includes 24 channels of digital mixing with a full range of on-board digital effects and dynamics processors, along with everything else professionals need, including a generous 16 tracks of 32-bit hard disk recording.
A built-in audio-streaming engine provides 8-tracks of simultaneous recording and 16 tracks playback of up to 32-bit audio to and from the computer's disk drive. On-board effects include 12 reverb types, 11 modulation types, 2 distortion types, 3 dynamics types, and 12 special combination types.
What's more, unlike most other audio cards, the DS2416 runs on its own power and not the computer's CPU, which ensures that all functions of the card are available simultaneously, to provide a level of flexibility and performance previously not possible. And certainly not at this price.

Easy installation and operation
The DS2416 Digital Mixing Card supports the Windows® 95/98 and Macintosh® platforms and quickly installs in the PCI card slot of a standard personal computer. Yamaha supports the Windows® NT platform.
Operated from the CRT, keyboard and mouse using appropriate control software available from the world's leading developers of hard disk recording applications, the DS2416 system lets you either stay with the interface you're already familiar with, or select one which best suits your personal composing, recording and mixing style.
The DS2416 card has stereo digital and 20-bit analog inputs and outputs which let you record and mix to and from a wide range of digital and analog two-channel sources. Two DS2416 cards can be linked to create a larger system, and expansion hardware components are separately available which permit multiple-channel digital and analog input and output options.
All in all, the DS2416 is the most convenient and affordable way for musicians, sound designers and audio production professionals to add top-performance non-linear recording - with its inherent creative advantages of easy editing and instant access to audio data - to their systems.
In fact, it's a truly viable replacement for conventional recorder, mixer and separate component systems

Full scope of DS2416 capabilities depends upon control software specifications.

The DS2416's mixer comes complete with literally all the professional effects and processing features you need. Relying on its own on-board processing power, all mixer functions are available simultaneously to provide unprecedented range and performance. Features include...
24 channel, 32-bit digital mixer
10 bus outputs and 6 aux sends
4-band parametric EQ on each input and stereo out
Dynamics processors on each input and stereo out
Two effects processors equal in quality to the Yamaha REV500
Channel delay on 20 channels
Comprehensive metering
Digital cross-patching for channel inputs and outputs
2 channel analog input (20-bit AD) and output (20-bit DA)
Stereo DIGITAL (coaxial) input and output
Optional interface provides multi-channel analog & digital I/O

The DS2416's multi-track digital recorder is extremely powerful in its own right, including a built-in audio-streaming engine. Features include...
8-track simultaneous recording with up to 32-bit resolution
16-track playback from hard disk with up to 32-bit resolution
Sample-accurate synchronization between tracks
Signals to and from recorder and mixer remain in digital domain
Synchronization to outside sources via the control software

Optional expansion units permit multiple-channel audio connections to and from the DS2416 to provide for connection of multi-channel digital equipment such as outboard digital multitrack recorders and signal processors. Currently existing possibilities include...
A single DS2416 card with up to two AX44s can provide up to 12 external inputs and outputs
The AX16-AT Audio Expansion card allows interface with digital multitrack recorders, external audio converters and digital recording consoles
Two DS2416 cards can be cascaded to create a larger system
Connection with other cards such as Yamaha XG PCI Sound Card SW1000XG