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Name: John Kirsch

My personal Myspace:  http://www.myspace.com/basicallyalone 

Email Address: booking@seven7.us
Instruments: Dean Hammer Edge 5, Fender P and J basses, Korg and Casio Keyboards
Amplifiers:  Hartke HA350, shure wireless, Carvin 2-15 Cabinet, and Crate 4-10

: Bass Guitar, Keyboards,  Lead and Background Vocals

Hometown: Erie, PA

Age:  41

Forming my 1st band in 1985 and being a musician started as a joke.  Based on Bill Cosby's comedy melody "Dad is Great", John Kirsch (AKA. ME) together with my local buddies, was the vocalist for the 'Snails without Shells'.   (A band that never recorded, played out, or for that matter really practiced with real instruments) Then between 1989 and 1991 I traveled on a motorcycle across the country with a backpack, sleeping bag, tent and Guitar to eventually settle in Rapid City, SD.  Playing guitar on the side of the road for gas money was a great experience, but after 2 years of traveling I joined  French Lick (a rock band in Rapid City that did record music, regularly practice, and actually played real gigs) as their new lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist.  Later, I began playing bass for them. That was his my 1st bass guitar gig.  Playing with French Lick over the next 2 years brought some satisfaction but it was time to get out of the mid-west.  To Austin Texas, where 6th street  became my home.  There I practiced and performed in a duo with LARA. I then Moved to  Athens, where I met Rick San Miguel, and Mary Jane Schwab and formed the quartette called Overdu then Siren.   In the mean time, myself, Mike St. Pierre, Mike Williams, and Lou Vasquez formed Rhythm Eclipse (seven 7's previous name).  With a few configuration changes, and a few years under our belts we changed the name to Seven 7.

John Kirsch Bass Player for Seven7 Dance Band New Years Eve Modified by Huggy BearJohn Kirsch 12-15-06 at Neiman Marcus posing with John Taylor signature J84 peavey bass

John Kirsch playing Keyboard July 4 2008 at Sportstime in Duluth GA

See more pics from July 4 2008 at Sportstime

80s wedding band bassist John Kirsch Fall 2004 at Klassics in Athens Georgia
80s dance band in monroe Georgia's southern stage john12-04SS December 200480s cover band seven 7 late summer 2005 John with Fred Toucher.com people


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